About Madlot

Madlot plays on those occasions where traditional music can contribute to a pleasant atmosphere.
Madlot, the ensemble’s name, is derived from a Dutch 19th century popular dance.

The Dutch bagpipes (doedelzakken) on which we play are
characteristic for Madlot’s sound.
Especially in the 16th and 17th century, bagpipes were common in The Netherlands.  The Dutch bagpipe tradition disappeared in the 18th century. The violin followed up as the instrument for festivities. In the 19th century the diatonic accordeon took over and became the most popular instrument for folk musicians.  Madlot plays these three instruments together, which before did not sound simultaneously.
To this the banjo, ud and saz are added. Each of these string instruments gives a special contribution to the music, related to its cultural origin.


Film aan de Waal (comp. Wouter Koenders)


Rondes de Quercy (trad.)


Bon Potassie (trad, Amsterdam 1720)