CD’s of earlier formations of Madlot

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Ik hoorde dees dagen

The tunes on this CD are selected from ‘Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlieties en Contredansen”. This collection consists of about 1000 numbered tunes that were published in Amsterdam between 1700 and 1716. The collection contains  dances and songs. The lyrics are not published. We discovered these in other sources. Published by PanRecords, PAN 208.


Ons is Geboren

Music from Advent to Epiphany. The Advent, Christmas and New Year songs on this cd are unmistakably part of the Dutch folk culture. The beautiful stories about those festive days do not all come from the bible. For a large part the Christmas stories rely on folklore. They have appeared in paintings, poems and in songs. These songs are part of a tradition of community singing and music making, baking waffles (nowadays replaced by “oliebollen”, deep fried dumplings) and of going from door to door singing songs to beg, sometimes accompanied by “rommelpotten” (rumbling pots).
Madlot has selected relatively unknown songs, small jewels from sources from the 15th century, supplemented with material passed down by oral tradition which was contributed by the Meertens’ Instituut and from our own collection. Published by Pan Records, PAN 218.

Rozen aan mijn Hoed

Dancing music and song and some ballads. Published by Pan Records, PAN 191.
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Het daghet in den oosten

Madlot contributed to this bagpipe cd, with bagpipes and bagpipe-music from the Low Countries. Published by Pan Records, PAN 2025

Other cd’s Madlot is part of:

– Global bagpipes
Bert Lotz and Judica Lookman contributed to the CD Global bagpipes (ARC Music, UK, EUCD 1752). An overview of more than 30 bagpipes from Europe, Asia and Northern Africa.
– 25 years Folkmusic.
Cd published to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland (Dutch Foundation for Folk Music). With two tunes played by Madlot.
De Manuscripten
Cd produced by the SVN (Dutch Foundation for Folk Music) with four Dutch groups, among which Madlot, playing tunes from old Dutch music manuscripts.
– Jubilate et Cantate
Gregorian meditations around Eastern.
Vocal Ensemble Gregoriana together with Judica Lookman en Bert Lotz (bagpipes and cowhorns).
– Voetje voor Voetje – 20 Andere Nederlandse Dansen
New folkdances to old and new Dutch folk tunes.