Diatonic accordion

Judica and Ariëtte play the diatonic accordion ("trekharmonica"). The instrument was invented in the beginning of the 19th century after which it grew rapidly in popularity amongst folk musicians. Until then, these musicians mainly played the violon. The accordion allowed them to play both melody and bass accompaniment.

At both the melody-side (right hand) and the bass-side (left hand) there are buttons. Each button gives a different note on push and draw of the bellow. The melody-side is limited to the notes of diatonic scales in two keys. The bass-side contains the principal chords of the instrument's key and the root notes of those chords. We play mostly in G/C key (we both play on a  Castagnari). Judica also plays on a C/F accordion (Castagnari), a Bes/Es (Jorgina) and on an old French A/D accordion.