Madlot plays balfolk, with inciting violons, catchy rythms of the accordions and above all the bagpipe.

We play danses which are popular on balfolk festivals. We find our repertory in Dutch colections of dance music or we learned these from old tradional folk musicians. 

Who are the musicians?
Madlot balfolk  consists of Marianne Heselmans, Rolf Groeneveld, Bert Lotz and Judica Lookman.
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Listen to balfolk music.


Rolf Groeneveld

After a long wandering via harmonica, guitar and  mandoline I finally ended up at the violin. What a varied instrument! I love to dust old Dutch folkmusic with Madlot and my other folkgroup Hete Bliksem and to let it swing again. If this music would have been the rock and roll of former times, the violin was the Les Paul of that era!



Marianne Heselmans


In the 18th and 19th century the violin was thé instrument to dance to in pubs and taverns. No wonder they were so popular: the violin can bring forward an endless lot of sounds and rhythms. I myself enjoy improvising on the traditional tunes. I often use the violin to play a second voice up high, with the viola I often strengthen the dancing rhythm.




Judica Lookman

With my diationic accordion I take care of the fundament of the dancing music we play.

At our bals in Wageningen I explain the danses in an elementary form. The pleasure of dancing together is to my opinion the most important, which only works out in a good way if you know some basics.

I love studying old Dutch manuscripts to find new tunes we can use to play for dancing. It is a challenge for me to play them most suitable to dance to.


Bert Lotz
The bagpipe is my great love. I have been touched by the warmth and power of this instrument already for a long time. The bagpipe is a very old instrument. It shows a revival in many European countries. I really enjoy to put the variants of the "doedelzak" formerly played in the Low Countries, in the present time in a firm way. To play for ball certainly is part of that.